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Capa Acústico

DownloadMúsicaTocarTamanho Tempo
download01 THE BEATLES Come together

4.5 MB4:11 min
download02 THE DOORS Light my fire

5.6 MB5:17 min
download03 MARILLION Sugar mice

6 MB5:50 min
download04 VAN HALLEN I can t stop loving you

4.3 MB4:02 min
download05 PINK FLOYD Time

4.7 MB4:28 min
download06 STEPPEN WOLF Born to be wild

3.8 MB3:31 min
download07 LED ZEPPELIN Dyer maker

5 MB4:44 min
download08 U2 Pride

3.8 MB3:44 min
download09 OASIS Wonderwall

4.5 MB4:05 min
download10 RADIOHEAD Fake plastic trees

5.1 MB4:46 min
download11 RED HOT CHILLY PEPPERS The zephyr song

4 MB3:52 min
download12 PEARL JAM Black

5 MB4:45 min
download13 REM Loosing my religion

4.6 MB4:26 min