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DownloadMúsicaTocarTamanho Tempo
download01- Ice 9 - Joe Satriani

3.4 MB3:46 min
download02- Surfing with the alien - Joe Satriani

3.5 MB3:47 min
download03- Always with me always with you - Joe Satriani

3.1 MB3:20 min
download04- Crushing Day - Joe Satriani

4.5 MB4:56 min
download05- For the Love of God - Steve Vai

5.5 MB6:03 min
download06- War - Joe Satriani

4.6 MB5:04 min
download07- Friends - Joe Satriani

2.8 MB3:05 min
download08- The Extremist - Joe Satriani

3.1 MB3:22 min
download09- Black Star - Yngwie Malmsteen

4.9 MB5:21 min